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You’re working hard all day long. So you need quality, durable equipment you can rely on. Cat machines offer easy maintenance and come with the dealer support you need to keep running and minimize downtime. You’ll also get much more value with reduced fuel consumption, less frequent service and a higher resale rate. Our wide range of solutions even features comfortable interiors and better handling to keep your agriculture operations safe.

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Why Eldon Marrs Chooses Cat® Machines for his Dairy Farm

Why Eldon Marrs Chooses Cat® Machines for his Dairy Farm

Eldon Marrs
Longs Peak Dairy
Cat Customer: 15 Years

“With such a large facility like ours that operates 24 hours a day, you need equipment and people so you don't have to be married to the business and can spend time with your family. Caterpillar helps me achieve that with quality equipment.”

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How Cat® Machines are Helping Chad Berger's Cattle Business

How Cat® Machines are Helping Chad Berger's Cattle Business

Chad Berger

Lazy YX Ranch &

Chad Berger Bucking Bulls

Cat Customer: 5 Years

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Demostración de Seguridad, Mantenimiento e Implementos de Minicargadores

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Rodrigo Rueda, especialista de Producto y Aplicación de Caterpillar, esta haciendo una demostración de Minicargadores Cat y te enseña acerca de las ...

Tecnologias de Carregadeiras Pequenas da Serie K

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Rodrigo Cera e Carlos Araújo, Especialistas de aplicação e produtos da Caterpillar irão demonstrar como as Carregadeiras de pequeno porte da série K pode ...

Demostración de Implementos de Retroexcavadoras

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Demostración de Cargadora Frontales Cat

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Rodrigo Rueda, Especialista de Producto y Aplicación, habla acerca de los cargadores 930 y 908 de la serie K, desde las instalaciones de Matco Cat. Para más ...

Recursos de Minicarregadeiras Cat

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Dicas de segurança para Retroescavadeiras, Minicarregadeiras y Carregadeiras de Rodas Cat

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Demostración de implementos de Minicargadores: Box Blade y Power Box Rake

07/06/2018 | 1021 Views

Pedro Carvalho y Rodrigo Cera, especialistas de Producto y Aplicación, están demostrando dos implementos para Minicargadores Cat, el Box Blade y el Power ...