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Fuel Efficiency Leadership

Fuel Efficiency Leadership

Add to your bottom line by saving fuel.

Fuel efficiency isn’t just about combating rising fuel prices; it’s about reducing your actual cost of production. How much work is done? Over what period of time? And at what revenue rate?

For anyone in the construction business, fuel efficiency is a high priority. As concerns about rising fuel prices, emissions and the environment continue to grow, we are likely to be addressing these issues well into our future. Advanced engine technologies provide a good start.

Right now, Cat machines are helping customers realize incredible fuel savings with no sacrifice in power. Getting more work out of every gallon is what Cat machines are built to deliver.

Cat machines are known for productivity. Our latest Tier 4 Interim and Tier 4 Final machines in North America are earning a reputation for excellent fuel efficiency—work per unit of fuel. In the majority of tests, Cat U.S. EPA Tier 4 machines beat key competitors’ machines on fuel efficiency.

At the end of the day, it’s about how much work gets done at what cost that matters most to your bottom line. The following are some features* that can help you improve fuel efficiency with your Cat machines:

  • Electronically controlled engines provide high horsepower and torque, while meeting U.S. EPA Tier 4 Interim or Final requirements.

  • Improved power densities give you higher performance in lighter-weight packages, which translates into better fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

  • As the industry’s largest vertically integrated manufacturer, Caterpillar designs the power trains for each family of machines as optimized systems that deliver high performance, long life and great fuel economy. Electronic Torque Management systems, standard two-speed travel and an industry-exclusive electronic hand/foot throttle with decel pedal capability are examples.

  • The Cat Intelligent Leveling™ system (ILEV) provides industry-leading, integrated technology that features dual-direction, self-leveling attachment and return-to-dig positioning for faster cycle times.

  • Load-sensing hydraulics cut fuel consumption by automatically directing the right amount of flow to the attachments based on operating conditions, while reducing heat generation for extra fuel savings.

  • Intuitive, easy-effort joystick controls help operators—even those with less experience—to work quickly and efficiently, helping conserve fuel.

Whether your goal is higher production, lower costs, longer component life, better fuel efficiency—or all of the above—Cat Intelligent Leveling systems give you the data you need to benchmark performance, set improvement goals, measure progress and achieve results.

* All features not available on every machine.

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