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Robert Parvin: The Versatile Cat® E Series Mini Excavator

Robert Parvin

Raleigh East Concrete

Cat Customer: 4 Years

“The Cat Mini Excavators can switch from backhoe to mini excavator mode on the fly through the display monitor, which is awesome in itself," says Robert Parvin at Raleigh East Concrete. “The quick connect saves us a lot of time, probably a total of two to three man hours, in terms of switching out buckets. The simplicity allows us to dig more holes that have the correct width and depth, which really maximizes productivity on the job site,” he says.

“The Cat E Series’ economic feature and the display monitor make operation much more productive and efficient in the field," Robert says, "which is why we buy these machines. Plus, these features add a lot of safety, making these machines worthwhile.”

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Categories: Construction,Mini Excavators