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Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions

Discover the smart way to manage your equipment.

These days, you have to do more work in less time just to stay competitive. You need hard facts about your equipment—lots of them. Data from your machines and analytical tools from your Cat® dealer can help you make timely decisions about how to control costs, improve operations, manage people and reduce risk.

Whether you own one machine or a fleet, how can technology help you?

  • Your equipment works better and lasts longer, for less money

  • You’ll foresee, plan for and avoid many repairs

  • You’ll minimize repair costs and the impact of unscheduled downtime

  • You’ll improve productivity and increase profitability

  • You’ll reduce your fuel burn and improve equipment utilization

Control Costs

Cat Equipment Management Solutions (EMSolutions) can help you reduce the owning and operating costs of your equipment in many ways. For example, remote monitoring and reducing idle time reduces fuel burn. And timely equipment alerts enable you to catch small problems before they turn into expensive repairs.

Cat EMSolutions can also play a key role in reducing the costs of other aspects of your business, such as fuel and labor expenses. Cat EMSolutions is ready to help you control the costs of doing business every day.

Improve your Operations

When you know exactly where your machines are and when they’re due for maintenance, you can make better, more informed operational decisions. By tracking machine location, availability and idle time, you’ll be able to quickly decide if you can use fewer machines to complete a job. It will also help you allocate equipment where it can be most useful, or show you where it pays to rent rather than own equipment.

By knowing what machines are available at any time and exactly where they’re located, you’ll be better prepared to quickly respond to and recover from weather-related delays.

Next to the weather, nothing puts you behind schedule faster than the loss of a machine. A good equipment database helps you re-allocate equipment in case of emergencies. Plus, it will let you see when you might need to rent some equipment to make sure you earn that completion bonus.

Manage Resources

Any equipment management program has to take into account the skills of the people most aware of the needs of the machine—the operators. Equipment data accessible through VisionLink® helps you see when machines are being misused and which operators may need more training. And by precisely tracking service and maintenance schedules, you can make sure your service personnel stay busy without becoming overtasked.

Keeping up with preventive maintenance is the single best way to help prevent major machine failures. Also, take full advantage of electronic alerts and machine data to help spot small problems before they can cause larger issues.

Major repairs and early machine replacements cripple your cash flow. Good equipment management helps you maximize uptime and extend machine operating life.

You might also want to let your Cat dealer handle some of your service and maintenance needs for you, freeing up your time and valuable people resources for other things.

Reduce Equipment Risk

Reported losses from equipment and tool thefts are over

$1 billion annually. Theft is just one of the risks that equipment management technology helps you avoid. It also mitigates risk by helping you maintain maximum fleet availability, replace machines at the optimum time and comply with regulations.

Cat EMSolutions can help you mitigate risk by making sure equipment management is done right and on time. Your Cat dealer can customize service packages to provide the best value for your business. That way, you’ll have fewer uncertainties to deal with... and more time to devote to meeting your business objectives.

Cat EMSolutions

With five levels of service to choose from, you get the support you want without paying for services you don’t need. To learn more about the benefits of Cat EMSolutions, view the five tiered service levels that follow;

Level 1: Access

Cat EMSolutions start by making sure you’re connected with Product Link™ and its user-friendly Web interface, VisionLink. Product Link is integrated with the Electronic Control Modules (ECMs) on your machines to collect and deliver valuable information that helps you:

  • Have anytime, anyplace access to equipment information via the web

  • Know location and status of equipment, including theft notification

  • Monitor equipment use, efficiency and health, including idle time, fuel use and fault codes

  • Have access to fluid analysis and online parts ordering

  • Access model-specific, daily safety and maintenance inspections

  • Respond to repair and maintenance indicators more quickly

Level 2: Inform

Connecting and putting the technology to work are just the beginning. Delivering the technology payoff comes in two key areas:

  • Asset Management – know your equipment’s location and status

  • Lower Costs – planned equipment maintenance and repair result in higher equipment availability and lower operating costs

Level 3: Advise

A dedicated Condition Monitoring Advisor provides valuable advice and expert recommendations about equipment maintenance, utilization and repair. These recommendations work hand-in-hand with a comprehensive condition-monitoring program that can include:

  • Electronic data via Product Link and VisionLink

  • Equipment inspections

  • S•O•SSM Fluid Analyis Services

Level 4: Support

Performing regular and timely maintenance lowers your owning and operating costs. Equipment maintenance and repair services are the best ways to ensure your maintenance is performed correctly and on time. Dealer-delivered services include:

  • Condition monitoring for your fleet, including inspections, S•O•S Fluid Analysis electronic data, reports and more

  • On-site Preventive Maintenance services, including parts and labor

  • Proactive, expert monitoring of your fleet

Level 5: Manage

When you involve us in fleet management, you’ll benefit from the expertise and resources of a global leader. You’ll also:

  • Reduce unscheduled repairs and downtime

  • Receive world-class service from factory-trained technicians who know your equipment better than anyone

  • Partner with us to optimize your fleet performance, availability and lifecycle planning

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