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The Colemans: Cat® E Series Mini Excavators

The Colemans

Visionscapes, Inc.

Cat Customer: 21 Years

"We run two Cat® Mini Excavators, the 303 and 304, and we've found that we could add an auger to the machines instead of just using them to dig tree holes. It gives us great reach and flexibility. Now, we can get 8-12 high-quality holes an hour with one operator because it doesn't matter if we're working on hard dirt or not."

"We can switch our tools quickly and keep going, which gives us huge flexibility in what we do."

Greg, Frank Jr. and Frank Sr. work together to grow their landscaping business with the help of Cat® machines. When their crew is working hard to meet tight deadlines, Cat E Series Mini Excavators and D Series Compact Track Loaders help them complete the installation faster. Owning Cat machines is their smartest investment.

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Categories: Landscaping,Mini Excavators