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The Latest Safety Advancements for Small Wheel Loaders RoyBrookhart

The Latest Safety Advancements for Small Wheel Loaders


Machine owners and operators face pressure to complete tasks quickly on a regular basis, and it can create a dangerous situation if deadlines are prioritized over safety. All it takes is one second of distraction to cause operator injury or equipment damage. Fortunately, today’s small wheel loaders are being equipped with safety features that continue to significantly reduce accident and injury risk on the job site.

Visibility Enhancements for Small Wheel Loaders

Good visibility is especially crucial to operating machines safely, as well as performing job tasks efficiently. On small wheel loaders, in particular, there have been several advancements that are enhancing visibility for operators.

Rearview cameras are now being installed in small wheel loaders as part of the standard package versus an aftermarket addition. These cameras allow operators to be fully aware of their 360-degree surroundings without having to turn their head.

Object detection systems, also referred to as rear radar, provide an audible and visual alert to the operator when objects are detected behind the machine. The alert varies in sound and color as the distance from the machine to the object changes.

The windshield and overall cab shape are designed to improve the unobstructed forward view area. Windshield wipers are optimally located to clean the window in the areas most critical for visibility. Intermittent wipers and washers keep the glass clean.

Remotely adjustable mirrors can be adjusted from inside the cab and provide better visibility to areas the operator is not normally able to see.

Heated exterior mirrors melt ice or snow quickly to prevent obstructed views and decrease machine downtime in the winter months.

Additional Small Wheel Loader Safety Features

In addition to visibility enhancing features, there are several other small wheel loader safety advancements that are important for you to consider, especially when spec’ing a new machine:

  • Parallel lifting loaders are helpful when the small wheel loader is being used as a material handling machine. This allows the operator to focus on achieving the proper height of the load, while the machine adjusts the tilt circuit automatically. The perfect parallel feature eliminates the slight tilt variability that is inherent in the basic linkage. This is a great option for applications such as automobile recycling, which requires the use of extremely long fork tines. When using long fork tines, only a few degrees of tilt variation can mean the difference between safely and efficiently completing the task or releasing the load, causing injury or damage.

  • Quiet cabs help to reduce operator fatigue. Alert operators are safer operators.

  • LED service lights are strategically located in the engine compartment. These lights turn on when the compartment doors are open so the operator can safely and confidently inspect and service the machine–even in low, ambient light conditions.

  • Integrated security systems prevent unauthorized or unqualified individuals from operating the machine.

As machine performance improves, so should safety measures and precautions. Small wheel loaders should always be equipped with proper safety features to support the performance capabilities of the machine. This is why owners need to research the latest safety guidelines, procedures and feature advancements when spec’ing or purchasing a new machine. It is important to also pass that knowledge along to their operators, who should be properly trained before work begins.

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