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Why you need a UTV on the farm.

Why you need a UTV on the farm.


Cat® UTVs combine the benefits of ATVs and pickup trucks into one easy-to-maneuver vehicle, merging the load hauling and towing capabilities you want with the lightweight off-road vehicle you need in the field. From hauling a sprayer to far-reaching fields or trudging through muddy acres to fix a fence post, the Cat UTV is up for any hard work.

“Versatility. That’s the best thing about it,” Paul Heineman told Successful Farming magazine after testing Caterpillar’s CUV82 on his corn and soybean farm in Ogden, Iowa. “It’s a lot easier than a pickup, especially in the spring when you’re driving across a field and don’t want to pack the soil. The CUV82 floats a lot better.”

The design of the Cat UTV allows for this versatility, with a durable steel cargo bed, 2-seat and 5-seat crew cab options and other accessories. Focusing the design around customer needs is what elevates the Cat UTV from a recreational vehicle to a work horse on your farm or ranch.


On rough, unstable terrain, the Cat UTV’s suspension system goes to work. No matter the conditions, it provides a smooth and stable ride across your land. For farm and ranch work, UTVs provide the stability of a pickup with the ease of use of an ATV. Rigorously tested on various terrain for operation and endurance, the Cat UTVs go through many of the same protocols as larger Caterpillar equipment so you know it’s designed to be rugged and durable enough to stand up to real-life applications.

“The machine has plenty of power,” Heineman told the magazine. “Strong enough to pull a small trailer with a corn head or whatever you need to tow.”

Cat UTVs are rated for up to 1,000-pound hauling capacity and 2,000-pound towing capacity. And thanks to its all-steel cargo bed, it can take the hit every time you load feedbags, sprayers, tools or whatever it is you need to bring with you for a job.


The Cat UTV was designed for easy maintenance and serviceability in the field. Splash panels easily pop off the engine bay for service and cleaning, while a unique trap door design opens to the engine for easier filter access. And with a range of accessories and add-ons, you can customize your Cat UTV to perform better for the type of work you do.

“It’s handy because it’s easy to get into,” Heineman said. “I thought the doors might get a little cumbersome, but they were pretty convenient.”

The Cat UTV is backed by participating UTV Cat dealers, providing the service and support you need to maintain your machine and ultimately keep your farm or ranch thriving. From parts and maintenance kits to large repairs, your local participating UTV Cat dealer is there for your UTV.

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